A French Engineer Invents Shelters For The Homeless That Retain Heat During Winter


Some parts of the world are currently affected by extremely cold temperatures. Most of us were lucky enough to have a warm home where we can come inside and enjoy.

However, there are those less fortunate who don’t have any shelter above their heads. Imagine spending day and night outside at freezing temperatures. Even if we feel sorry for those people, there is not much we can do. We can offer help in the form of blankets or jackets, but it is not enough.

Fortunately, one French engineer named Geoffroy de Reynal, has come up with an amazing solution. Europe was affected by freezing temperatures which inspired him to do something about the homeless people. Namely, there are around 3,000 homeless people only in France. Geoffroy de Reynal is a Master of Science in Energy Engineering who used his knowledge to create an invention that can help thousands of homeless people around the world.

He designed a pop-up igloo made from polyethylene foam which is covered by aluminum foil on the inside. It isolates the inside from freezing temperatures providing temperature 15° higher than the one outside. There are other features of this innovation such as using solar power to provide lightning as well as absorbing the body heat and raising inside temperature by 200°C.

It does not only provide protection from the weather but also gives the occupant privacy and comfort. The tents are compact, easy to erect and repair but they are also made from waterproof and recyclable materials. They can be maintained using water and soap which will not affect its quality.

At the beginning, the tents were distributed in parts of Bordeaux. The initial test use provided positive results and the users were amazed by it. Those who had it were more than happy and those who didn’t get one, wanted it as soon as possible. The designer is hoping to create 1000 more tents, which he calls “Iglou”, by next winter. Currently the tents are compact and easy to relocate in case of an emergency, but the creator is working on inventing large enough that can fit showers. However, he needed help from crowdfunding to support his innovations which was another big success.

This man is not only creative and innovative but he also has high sense of social responsibility. Fortunately, he received the recognition and support f or his work. He is proof that if we have the right motive, there is nothing we can’t achieve. Kindness is always beautiful.

Source: www.truththeory.com

Images credit: www.iglou.fr