The Body Acne Can Tell You Which Health Problem You Have


Acne are a common issue that affect millions of people worldwide. Even though they are more common on the face, they can appear anywhere on the body. Many studies have proven that the appearance of acne on certain body parts can indicate various health issues. This skin condition should be taken very seriously because it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your health. Acne could indicate some of the health issues presented below, however you should never start treatment without consulting your doctor first.

1. Hips

Rashes and acne on the hips could indicate two different problems. One of them is dysfunction of the digestive system and the other is that your skin is unable to breathe because of your clothes. You should first start wearing loose clothes to see if this will make the acne disappear, and if it doesn’t consult your doctor.

2. Chest

This is another sign of digestive issues. You should first make dietary changes and try to include healthier and more nutritious foods. If this does not make the acne go away, consult your doctor.

3. Upper side of the neck

This area is linked with hormonal imbalance and gland issues. Overactive adrenal glands as well as high sugar consumption could also cause acne to appear on this area, so make dietary changes first and then seek medical attention if the problem persists.

4. Behind the collar bone

Being stressed too much for too long could cause acne to appear on this area. Stress is a serious issue which can cause numerous health issues. Try to relax more and make your surroundings healthier.

5. Throughout the back

This acne is very painful and they usually leave marks once they are gone. The cause of them could be a malfunction of the digestive system which could indicate various diseases.

6. Around the navel area

Blood sugar levels could cause the appearance of acne on this area. Increased blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes and they should be always kept under control. Dietary changes as well as lifestyle changes could help you reduce your blood sugar levels. If you are not sure about how you can manage them, consult your doctor.

7. On the fingers and on the area around them

They are caused by an over production of dead cells as well as poor blood flow. It could also indicate that you are deficient in vitamins and other important nutrients which can cause serious health issues. The first thing you should do is start eating healthier.