Real Life Incidents That May Prove Time Travelers DO EXISTS


Time travel is a common part of many science fiction movies. However, even though these theories have not yet been confirmed in real life, but scientists believe that traveling through time could happen at some point in the future. In the past, few genius minds such as Albert Einstein, were included in many experiments about time travel. There were also many incidents that could confirm the theories about time travel, including the following


40 years ago, a passenger plane was preparing to land on Ronald Reagan Washington national airport. However, before it landed the plain vanished for 10 minutes and then reappeared on the same spot. What’s even more unusual is that the clocks of all the passengers were 10 minutes behind normal time.


Sir Robert Victor Goddard used to be a senior commander of the British Royal air force during the World War II. One day, while he was flying on a mission he noticed an unused airfield that was overgrown with grass and there were cows on it. When he was going back from his mission, heavy rainfall caused him to lose his bearing so he wanted to go back to the airfield to land the plane there.
As he flew near the airfield, the rain stopped and he saw bright sunlight. The airfield that was overgrown with grass was now in good condition and there were planes and mechanics everywhere. He noticed the strange uniforms of the mechanics because those colors didn’t seem familiar since the British air force does not use blue color. He didn’t land the plane there, instead he returned back and never told anyone about the incident.
Just four years later, the air force changed the color of the planes to yellow and the mechanic uniforms to blue. The movie “Night my number came up” was based on this unusual story.



In 1979, a couple who was driving to Spain wanted to spend the night at a hotel. As they were driving they noticed a building that resembled a hotel but it was built with stones. They checked in and the first thing they noticed is that the hotel was very old fashioned, there were no phones or elevators and everything seemed like it was 1907. During breakfast they even noticed two policemen who were wearing uniforms that were used by the police back in 1905. They were billed only 1/10 of the amount they expected to pay.
Several weeks later, on their way back from Spain, the couple wanted to stay at the same hotel again. They searched for it but they could not find it anywhere. When they returned home and developed the photos they took, all the photos were there except those who were taken at the hotel. This story featured on the show “Strange but True”.


In 1932, during their stay in Hamburg, a German journalist and his photographer saw planes that were flying above and dropping bombs. They took photos of them and when they developed the film there was nothing on the pictures. 11 years later, in 1943, the same journalist saw a story in a newspaper about an incident with the same pictures like the ones he took.


The most well-known event of time travel is the Philadelphia experiment. In 1943, the US military wanted to hide a ship by making it invisible. They managed to do so, however instead of disappearing the ship teleported to Virginia and returned in 10 seconds. Some crew members claimed they were fused with different parts of the ship during that time, and others even went insane. The strangest part, Albert Einstein was involved in this experiment.