Different Ways to Use Tequila to Become More Attractive


When life gives you lemons, reach for a bottle of tequila! Kidding aside, did you know that tequila has numerous health and beauty benefits, according to scientists? That’s because it comes from agave, a succulent plant that thrives in the desert and is proven to be effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels, reducing diabetes risk and others.

For this article, we will focus on how you may employ tequila to have yourself improved. So aside from taking shots of it or guzzling down margarita mixes, you may also rely on tequila to:

Remove Excess Oils

You can get rid of that shininess in a flash with the help of tequila. All you have to do is combine equal parts of the distilled beverage and water. Apply on your face with a cotton ball, focusing most especially on the T-zone which tends to be shinier than the rest of your face.

Shrink Large Pores

Thanks to its astringent properties, you can count on tequila to have those humungous pores of yours shrunk. Just add a few drops of lemon juice into the oil-removing recipe mentioned above. It will also help a lot if you keep a bottle of the said mixture in the fridge for that extra pore-shrinking power.

Dry Up Zits

We all know that alcohol has drying properties. It’s exactly for this reason why you may rely on tequila each time you wake up to breakouts. Simply pour a little tequila on a small container, dip a fingertip in it, and daub on a pimple. Do this several times a day to say bye-bye to breakouts.

Make Your Complexion Glow

Excess dead skin cells can make your complexion look lifeless. To attain a glow that can stop traffic, gently massage a mixture of tequila and brown sugar on your face to get rid of dead cells sitting on the topmost layer of your skin. Rinse off with water. Perform this beauty fix once or twice a week to keep your complexion radiant.


Lose Unwanted Pounds

There is a particular kind of sugar in tequila called agavin, and it’s scientifically-proven to help you get rid of excess weight. It’s because the said sugar can help speed up the metabolism, which leads to more calories burned. But remember to stay away from tequila mixes that pack tons of sugar!

Maintain Your Awesome Posture

Aside from accelerating your metabolic rate, there is one more thing that agavin found in tequila is good for, according to scientists: warding off osteoporosis. That’s because agavin is said to promote calcium absorption by the bones. Osteoporosis is something that can weaken your bones and give you a terrible posture.

Stave Off Body Odor

Just ran out of your favorite deodorant? Reach for a bottle of tequila pronto! Apply on your armpits with a cotton ball or by using a small spray bottle to zap odor-causing bacteria, thus keeping your underarms nose-friendly. The purer the tequila you use, the more powerful the deodorizing effect.

Encourage Hair Growth

A lot of Mexicans swear by the effectiveness of a serum out of tequila in stimulating hair growth. Simply slice a piece of jalapeño and soak it in 1/4 cup of tequila overnight. The next night, wear a pair of gloves and apply on your scalp with a cotton ball just before you sleep. Don’t let it get to your eyes! Wash off in the morning.

Boost Your Beauty Sleep

A shot of tequila just before you hop into bed can make you enjoy a trip to dreamland in no time. We all know that lack of sleep can ruin your appearance big time. However, refrain from guzzling down lots of tequila every single night just to zap insomnia due to the fact that surely come with all sorts of health repercussions.