10 Sleeping Positions That Reveal Your Relationship Status


Sleeping next to the person you love is among the best feelings. Once you get comfortable with your partner there is nothing that can get you out of bed. The first time you sleep together as a couple might be awkward because you both probably pay attention to the way you look like while sleeping.

However, as time goes by, both of you will enjoy the presence of each other, especially the goodnight and good mornings that will follow. Your relationship can also be determined by your position whenever you sleep.

Did you know that? A position when sleeping is highly determinate of a person’s level of comfort when they are with you since you are most vulnerable when you sleep. Here are some of them.

1. Groper

It is when your partner hugs you a lot when you sleep. It is actually a signal that tells you they can never get enough of your presence hence the pulling to have you closer even if you already are.

2. The cradle

The cradle is when your partner lands his or her arm on your chest or neck. This means that they truly have deep affection or feelings and of course being comfortable.


3. Spoon

Spoon is the most common. The bigger spoon is signifying the power and control over the relationship that’s why boys are often the bigger spoons.

4. Untangled

Sleeping independently signifies trust and comfort with each other even without physical connection.

5. Back kiss

It’s a sign of deep intimacy for each other while still respecting personal space.

6. The awkward

Despite the name, it’s because of each other’s respect and comfort for each other that they do not
mind not being too close.

7. Pillow talk

When a couples usually faces the pillows more often, it’s actually a call for help that they yearn for some romance and intimacy.

8. The drunkards

Though fun, it is actually a sign that the two faces problems that they often hide. This includes stress and anxiety.

9. Insomniacs

Not because of the condition itself but because of smartphones. It is due to lack of constant communication that they’d rather focus on something else.

10. Body slam

It might be cute to some but the act of dominance is a sign of selfishness and lack of respect for the other partner.