Cat See His Owners In the Phone Who Died Sometimes Ago And Can’t Hold It


Cats have a reputation for being cool, aloof and independent creatures. That doesn’t mean they don’t get emotionally attached to their caretakers and owners. If their owners suddenly disappears from their life, they notice the absence. You may see the they searching for their owner, waiting by the door, at the foot of the bed or by a favorite chair. They even may go in search of their lost owner.

A video surfaced of a cat that sees a video of its owner that had died and the cat’s reaction is absolutely heartwarming. Who said animals dont have emotions? Well after seeing this video we truly believe they do. Just look at that kitty, the way he stared at his masters image with such love and then he embaced the video in such a loving way and cuddled around the video in a gentle body hug as though he was actually hugging his human! So sweet and touching , brought tears to our eyes!😢

Watch the adorable video below!!!

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