How To Clean Your Bathroom Easy.


A candle is all you need

Even though you regularly clean the bathroom, the area in between the tiles easily gets discolored.  These brown areas seem extremely or even impossible to be completely cleaned. You may even lose hope that those dirt crevices can be white and clean again.

Rest Assured, cleaning in between tiles is not impossible. In fact, it is not difficult at all! All you need for this essential life hack is a simple candle!

This is how to clean your tiles with a candle:

First, clean the tiles as you normally do. Then, get an ordinary wax candle, and press its bottom end into the joints between tiles and rub the candle into it several times, back and forth. The results are visible in seconds!

You should carefully rub those areas which are constantly exposed to water. This technique will clean them and make them as white as new. At the same time, it will form a protective layer which will prevent dirt and thus solve this problem for good!

Incredible, isn’t it?