Deaf boy bursts into tears of joy after hearing his father’s voice for the first time: Watch


Nine-year-old Luiz needed a new hearing aid, so his community got together and helped him get one. The young boy’s reaction when he hears his father for the first time is priceless.

A video of a young deaf boy reacting to his father’s voice is gripping the internet. The heartwarming video shows the moment a deaf boy spins around in shock and excitement when he hears his father’s voice. The boy bursts into tears as he couldn’t contain his joy.

Luiz’s community banded together to get him a hearing aid (Rumble)

Nine-year-old Luiz Gustavo da Silva had a surgical implant that was supposed to help his hearing. But the little boy’s happiness was soon crushed when his hearing implant stopped working in March this year. His family couldn’t afford the $2162 repair bill, which left little Luiz feeling very uncertain.

Luiz couldn
Luiz couldn’t hear the first time the aid was attached to his ear (Rumble)

Hearing his plight, his hometown Bueno Brandão decided to step in. His hometown in south-east Brazil banded together and helped foot the repair bill. Soon, Luiz had a new hearing aid thanks to the generosity of his community.

An anxious Luiz looks on as his dad fixes his hearing aid (Rumble)
An anxious Luiz looks on as his dad fixes his hearing aid (Rumble)

The happy kid’s dad decided to record the moment young Luiz was refitted with the hearing aid. You can see how anxious young Luiz is! The equally excited father fits the device behind Luiz’s left year and flicks the switch, but the device doesn’t seem to work.

Luiz could finally hear, and he couldn
Luiz could finally hear, and he couldn’t contain his joy (Rumble)

Luiz is clearly worried by that, but his dad patiently reassures him and makes a few adjustments to the device. When his dad finally re-attaches the hearing device, Luiz’s reaction says it all: he could finally hear again, and Luiz couldn’t contain his joy. The young boy breaks down when he hears his father’s voice calling out to him.

The boy couldn
The boy couldn’t contain his joy, and neither could his dad (Rumble)

This exact moment gives us a glimpse into the world of hearing loss. The video reminds us that deafness and hearing loss can be very isolating. Luiz jumps with surprised joy when he hears his dad’s voice because he seems to be obviously relieved to be hearing again.

The tearful young boy hugs his father, who can be heard saying: “There is no need to cry.” But the emotional dad starts to cry himself while comforting his son. “You can hear, you can hear!” the father tearfully says.

Luiz tearfully thanks an equally emotional audience (Rumble)
Luiz tearfully thanks an equally emotional audience (Rumble)

Luiz tearfully thanks a family friend who is in the room, and then waves at the camera, thanking his community for their collective effort. “Thank you, everyone,” the little boy says to the camera, between happy sobs. The video has had more than 8 million views so far and has been shared widely on the internet.

Watch the beautiful moment below: