We Are Born 7 Times In This World, Which One Are You On?


The number seven is an interesting one. There are seven days in a week, seven oceans in the world, and seven colours in a rainbow. When a couple gets married they take vows to be together in all seven births, and it is often said that before a person heads towards his or her ‘final’ destination, seven minutes of their lives (the best and worst moments of their existence) appear before them, just like a movie flashback! While most of this is fairly known to us, it is a lesser known fact that every person in this mortal world is born seven times.

Read on to know which number you could be on and what lies ahead!

The First Life: The Infant

The First Life The Infant
As the name suggests, this life is the first life amongst the seven lifetimes one gets to live on this earth. In this life, a person is like an infant, oblivious to the world and quite carefree too. The world doesn’t make sense and you are yet to find your feet in this world. For some reasons all that you plan and wish for turns into something unexpected in reality.

The ‘infant’ life or the ‘first’ life throws the same kind of challenges that it would throw at an infant. It is overwhelming and often peculiar, but on the other end, it prepares you for the coming six lives.

The Second Life: The Learner

The Second Life The Learner

This life is called the ‘second’ life or the ‘first’ rebirth a human takes into this mortal world. Since you are not new to this world and its ways, you are reasonably more seasoned to take them well. You spend this life trying to learn new things, understanding people, deciphering emotions, and, in turn, becoming a great learner.

If you find yourself being very curious to learn, to decipher the mystery around people and their vivid emotions, it is very likely that you are in your second life. In this life, you get to know more about yourself and your purpose on this planet, unlike the first life where nothing makes sense. Most often you aren’t seeking power, money or anything from the material world. All you do is prepare yourself for the next life.

The Third Life: The Explorer

The Third Life The Explorer

You are a firm believer and implementor of the saying, “There is so much to do and so little time.” This is by far the best life as you have learned a good amount of lessons from the previous ones and are seeking to implement those learnings in this life. You possess the curiosity of an infant while your soul is a lot more mature.

The Fourth Life: The Lover

The Fourth Life The Lover

As the name suggests, this life brings you the ‘love of your life’. If you think all your life needs is a ‘special’ someone to complete you, that ‘true love’ is what you seek in this mortal journey, then you are most probably in the fourth life. The good news is that you will end up finding a partner that stays with you for this and the coming lifetimes. Interestingly, your partner also would be living his or her fourth life, and that makes your paths intersect beautifully.

The Fifth Life: The Achiever

The Fifth Life The Achiever

In this life, you achieve all that you dreamt of in the past births. Things begin to fall in place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and all the experiences and learnings you gained from the previous lives start bearing fruit.

If you have a strong and lingering feeling that you will be making it big and achieving your deepest wishes, it is very likely that you are in your fifth life.

The Sixth Life: The Giver

The Sixth Life The Giver

This is the second last rebirth one gets to have in this world. After gaining great experiences, unravelling the roads less travelled, finding the ‘love’ of your lives, and achieving all that you desired and deserved, it is time to play the Good Samaritan now. In this life, you see the world from a more selfless perspective and your motto is to give more than take.

You will often see yourself doing charitable things, teaching people a thing or two, and getting more and more detached from the material aspects of life. Instead, you will find yourself focussing on making the lives of others easier and better. The sixth life begins to set you free, and you enrich your soul immensely by engaging in acts of kindness.

The Seventh Life: The Final Journey

The Seventh Life The Final Journey

This is the final rebirth and it is certainly the most uplifting one. A human soul that was otherwise attached to the world, daily issues, loved ones, and a lot more is now a lot more detached. The soul, in other words, surpasses or transcends itself from all that is offered by the mortal world.

Love, lust, and everything material are shed in this life and one becomes a true ‘yogi’ – ready to be one with the universe.

I am sure you may have got a good hint of which life you’re currently on. It is also interesting to note, that while we may take seven births, each birth has a unique lesson to teach and a unique giveaway which we must take. I don’t know what number you may be on, but to quote Rumi, I would wish that, What you seek is seeking you.”