Mom Refuses Son To Use Her Sewing Machine Then Dad Discovers His Secret Hobby


Sonya noticed he’d lock himself away in his room to use the sewing machine — and then she and her husband finally saw what he created…

What would you do if your son asked to use your sewing machine? Sonya Whittaker has to pry her son away from one! Sonya said if she didn’t pull him away, he would be sewing 24 hours a day! When Campbell “Bubble” Remess, from Tasmania, was nine years old asked for money to buy gifts for children in the hospital. The family of ten couldn’t afford it.

So, Campbell figured out how he could get Christmas gifts for the children himself – he made them. Campbell taught himself how to use a sewing machine and made a hand-sewn gift for all the sick children. In 2011, Campbell made a teddy bear for his dad, Nathan, who had just been diagnosed with cancer.

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Nathan said it helped him deal with the stress! I’ve never seen or heard of a 12-year-old who spends his free time making gifts for other people! Share away, people!