Miracle? Newborn dumped in drain, lives without food, water for 6 days


SYDNEY, Australia – It was a heartbreaking story turned miraculous after a newly born baby who was left for dead for six long days in a stormwater drain survived without food or water according to pediatricians in the said city.

Police already arrested the baby’s mother who is believed to have pushed the baby down the drain on Tuesday. Authorities already charged her with attempted murder.

David Otte who was cycling with her daughter found about the baby after they heard an unusual noise coming from the drain.

Residents around the Quakers Hill in Australia are calling it a miracle. The news has astounded many and has left them asking who would do this thing to a newly born child?

Miracle or not, experts themselves were surprised. University of Sydney professor of paediatrics Kim Oates explained how the baby survived the almost tragedy. The doctor said that babies are born with more than enough fluid to help them survive for some time without feeding.

“When full-term babies are born, they are usually born with fluid on board. They have a good amount of fluid storage and extra glucose stored in their liver as well,” Oates told the press.

Drain Quakers Hill Sydney
The drain in Quakers Hill where the baby was found. / SMH

Oates pointed out that the baby’s survival is rooted in human evolution.

“I think the evolutionary basis of that is that if the mother had a difficult birth and passed out and couldn’t recover and feed the baby for a little while, the baby would be okay. They have enough to survive for the 24 to 48 hours without much in the way of feeding. I am surprised: six days seems a long time to me,” he added.

A few more days or even hours in that condition and the baby could have suffered irreparable damages that can lead to his death. The baby is likely to be suffering from low blood sugar by the time of the rescue.

Andrew McDonald another paediatrician from the city said that the baby survived because he was born healthy and without complications, any less would have killed the baby.

Dr McDonald claimed that newborns were designed in a way that they did not need much fluid until their fourth day of life.

“That’s when the mother’s milk comes in,” the doctor added. They aren’t given much fluid for the first four days ordinarily. They are born full of fluid. Some babies can lose up to 10 per cent of their birth weight in their first four days of life,” he continued.