Instead Of Dying, Your Soul Returns To The Universe, According To Researchers


Some scientists believe that our brains work in a way similar to a quantum computer, which means when we die our soul returns to the universe instead of dying with the body. This theory was researched by two physicists who believe that our souls are stored in the brain cells, in the microtubules to be more precise.

These physicists claim that instead of dying, the microtubules lose their state; however, they are still able to keep the information that is stored inside of them. The way they put it is that even though the heart will stop pumping blood throughout the body, this only causes the microtubules to lose their state. They are no longer in an active state.

The information that is inside of them cannot be destroyed; instead, the information is released back into the universe.

Another way to look at it is just like a computer. When your computer gets hit by an electric surge, the information still stays on the computer. The information that has been stored in the computer doesn’t disappear; instead, it is kept within the hard drive. Your brain is like the hard drive of your body.

If a person is brought back to life, through CPR or with a tens unit, the information will return to the microtubules. This is a close call with death. However, if the person does pass, the information that was once in these microtubules, can exit the body and then release back into the universe, perhaps as a soul.

A lot of people believe that a soul is the communications of neurons within the mind of our body. However, theory’s have been shown to prove that souls have subsisted since the start of the universe. There are two things that exist, without argument, dark energy and dark matter. These exist even though we cannot intermingle or comprehend them; however, these scientific facts can help explain why your soul does not die, but instead returns to the universe.