Brutal Social Worker Abused 94-Year-Old Woman After She Feeds Her Dog


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Social workers are supposed to care for a specific other, with nothing short of love and care whilst the family is away. One woman has decided to break that rule.

In Memorial Village, Texas located in the United States, home healthcare worker Brenda Floyd is charged for assaulting and causing bodily injury to a senior named Dorothy Bratten, who is 94-years-old. Dorothy suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, thus she is unable to talk. Brenda was filmed striking her head repeatedly after she fed her dog some scraps from her own meal. Her own family installed the camera on New Year’s Eve itself to monitor Brenda, after spotting various bruises on Dorothy’s arms and legs.

Watch the horrific act below:

Brenda has been arrested and then released on a $5,000 as of 28 January 2017, but still remains under authorities’ watch. She is scheduled to return for a court hearing on 30 January 2017.

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