Missing Tennis Shoe, Records His Laugh-Out-Loud Response


This is priceless, I’m so glad she was able to record the whole thing!

When things go missing in your household, there are only so many people that you can pin it on. When mom woke up one morning, she discovered one of her workout shoes had disappeared.

It was the case of the stolen sneaker, and it was looking like Azlan might be the culprit. Her husky doggy was the only one around, so mom immediately blamed him for the theft.

Thankfully she caught his hilarious reaction on film when he tried to put up his doggy dukes and feign innocence. Azlan was acting just like a kid who got caught with his hand (or paw) in the cookie jar.

The pooch knew he was guilty, but he still tried to argue with mom about the missing tennis shoe. The adorable furball even interrupted her with an indignant howl when she said, “Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back.”

Azlan then stared down at the remaining shoe as if to say he’s never even seen that pair of sneakers before. Naturally, mom didn’t buy any of it for a second.

It sounds like Azlan’s mom has gone through this routine with her sneaky pup many times before. The husky finally walked out of the room to bring back her shoe, but of course he did it with lots of attitude!

His body language says it all! Even his eyes betray his emotions, poor guy – and poor shoe! Mom isn’t letting him get away with anything though.

Lol, this pet owner sure has her hands full! Azlan is certainly a naughty little doggy, but he’s also a total cutie at the same time.

Watch the video below to see this petulant husky try to defend himself in the doggy court of law, and convince mom that he’s innocent of all the shoe crimes he’s been accused of.