Heavily Pregnant Chihuahua With A Large Belly Goes Into Labor To Reveal Bigger Secret


Vets told Coco’s owners to expect 5 tiny puppies. After Coco delivered baby #5, they breathed a sigh of relief — but then the stunning truth about this pregnant chihuahua emerged.

Most Chihuahua dogs have litters of five puppies on average, not usually having much less or more than that. But this incredible pup named Coco has entered the Guinness Book of World Records in a standalone Chihuahua category after doubling that amount!

Coco is already the part of a large family – her owners, Bill and Dawn Slater, have two adult children, one teenaged child, and one newborn baby, and they also have two other Chihuahuas, a collie terrier, and two cats. So when they found out Coco was pregnant, they had to prepare for five new faces to appear in their already big household.

But when Coco went into labor, and Dawn and Bill looked on, they were beyond amazed when she didn’t stop at five puppies, but kept pushing out more. By the time she was on her ninth, they weren’t even sure when she was going to stop!

Take a look at this video!

Luckily, after the tenth, none more arrived. Now, Coco has ten little babies to care for, and her owners are helping all they can to care for the tiny ones. It looks like the family has just doubled in size!

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