Petrol and Diesel filling tips: Top 6 tips to get more petrol

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If you know the some Tips, Informations and Mechanisms of filling petrol in the Petrol Pump, you can drastically reduced your paying amount for petrol. Considering the ever rise of petrol, lets know some tricks to get more of your hard hitting earning money while filling petrol. Here there are some tips how to get more per litre and tips on pumping petrol.


  1. All the petrol pump has storage tank below the ground. At day time, because increasing in temperature, the petrol gets expand. So your litre is not exactly a litre. It has some gases due to expansion of petrol. So fill your petrol tank in the early morning because the ground temperature is colder then. When the ground is cold, you get your exact litre thereby save your money. So it is advisable for all the buyers of Petrol, Diesel, Jet fuel, Ethanol, and petroleum products, purchase these commodities in the morning as Temperature and Specific gravity play vital role for the above said products.
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  3. In developing Countries, especially, India, temperature adjustment, regulation and compensation is not available in the petrol pump. So, the buyers are generally at loss. However, the trucks that carry petrol and other crude oil products have temperature compensation facility.
  4. While filling petrol, the nozzle trigger should not be in the fast mode, instead it should be in the low stage to minimise the impacts of vapour and to have maximum economy of petrol. If you see properly, you will find that the trigger has three stages-Low, Medium, and High.
  5. All the hosepipe have vapour. Filling petrol at the faster rate means you have more gas with your liquid petrol.
  6. Fill your petrol tank while it is already 60 percent full. Filling in half full tank means, there is lesser possibility for air to occupy the space as petrol evaporates quite extremely faster.
  7. Don’t fill your petrol/Diesel tank while trucks are unloading petrol to the bottom storage. Since these unloading created a movement in the storage tank and possibility of getting dirt, and other minute particles in your tanks that may harm your petrol tank and other parts of your vehicle.