Penguin poop can be seen from space!


You’re probably wondering what’s so special about penguin poop, but there are actually several factors that allow us to see their feces from space! The first is the location. Because they live in extremely cold temperatures covered almost entirely by snow, the dark color of their poop is extremely visible. With a mix of background coloring, the poop shows right up on satellite images! Another reason we can see their poop is because of just how impressive these creatures are at clearing their bowels.

Penguins can poop at four times the pressure humans can. This means that they are able to discharge their bowls up to nearly forty centimeters! You may be asking, “Why exactly does penguin poop really matter?” but in fact, this discovery is vastly important to those who study penguins. Humans have trouble examining penguins in their natural habitat because they live on frozen salt water and it always has the possibility to break. Because of this we have struggled to gather a true grasp on what exactly these animals do, such as migration preferences.

Now that we are able to track their poop from space, scientists believe we are one step closer to better comprehending these fascinating creatures, all without humans coming even remotely close to them!