A man can pass 2000-volt current through his body


Slavisa, from Pozarevac, Serbia stuns scientists by conducting 20,000-volt current without feeling a thing.human conductor Slavisa Pajkic has scientists scratching their heads because he can withstand high voltages without feeling a thing. Known as ‘Battery Man’, the machinist claims he can act as an insulator, conductor and even a heater.

Videos on the internet show the  Slavisa  powering up a lightbulb and cooking sausages by using energy stored in his body. Slavisa, from Pozarevac, Serbia, says he discovered his amazing talent when he was a teenager. He said: ‘I was 17 years old when accidentally during work, I felt that electricity can not do anything. The rain was falling, and my colleagues made a metal fence.”
The fence somehow became live, and it was then his new life began.