Woman Calls For Dogs To Come Home — But You Need To See What’s Following Them


WOW… Can you see what’s following them?

I had no idea that baby rhinos were so cute! The little rhino in this video is named Warren. He even knows his own name! The video below is a compilation of Warren and his human caregivers. Warren is being cared for at Care for Wild Africa, a rehabilitation center in Gauteng, South Africa.

In the video, Warren and his human and canine friends are out for a walk! Most of the rhinos that live at Care for Wild Africa are orphans from the poaching crisis. Rhinos are being killed for their horns. The horn of a rhino is said to have medicinal uses in traditional Chinese medicine.

Take a look at this video

Care for Wild Africa is working hard to safeguard the species and currently have rhinos of all ages in their care. It isn’t every day you get to see a baby rhino out for a walk! Share away, people!