Woman And Horse Try To Take A Selfie And They’re In A Hilarious Fit Of Laughter


Time and again we hear stories and see certain things that reassure us that animals are a man’s best friend. The animal can be everyone’s favorite pet, a dog; it can be a cat, or something less conventional like a mouse, turtle, and even a horse. The latter is not only known as a beautiful animal but also one of the gentlest species; according to the video below, a horse is quite a funny animal as well.

The woman in the video is Lisa Brown; Lisa shares a remarkable bond with her horse Jimmy. They love to spend time with one another, and Lisa will often be seen spending her hours with Jimmy in the pastures. One day when she was out for a stroll, she saw that Jimmy was settling in for a nap; he seemed pretty comfortable, so Lisa decided to sit beside him while he napped.

Once Lisa was settled on the ground, Jimmy noticed that she was there. He gets up, gently pushes her head back with his, and this causes her to topple over. At that point Jimmy does something hilarious—he chooses to use Lisa as a pillow! But the hilarity doesn’t stop there.

As soon as she was knocked over by her lovable horse, Lisa decided to pull out her phone and take a quick selfie. The horse decides to get even more silly and starts licking his friend with love and affection! Lisa can’t help but laugh at her animal friend.

Watch the two have a ball of a time in the video below. Don’t forget to like and share this video with family and friends, if you laughed.