Mother Forces Her In The Shower With Clothes On, The Truth Behind Leaves No One Untouched


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My heart aches every time I think of all the children that have to live in foster care. For whatever reason, their birth families were not able to care for them properly, so they are being raised by another family. Life as a foster has got to be quite difficult. The short film below gives you the child’s perspective of being a foster child.

In 2015, the Children’s Bureau’s annual report estimated that there were over 427,000 in foster care – and that is just for the United States! No one who watches this film will be able to shake the strong emotions portrayed. Please watch the film and share it.

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We need more people to help foster children – or at least be aware of what life is like in foster care. Some kids never get adopted and age out of the system. Please help, if you can.