Mom Records Emotional Reunion Between Cat And Blind Dog After They’ve Spend Months Apart


Time and again I come across stories that prove that cats and dogs really can be best friends. It’s always fun to see how they interact with one another when they consider each other their worst enemies (it’s usually playful animal banter) but you can’t deny that even then, deep down inside, they’re always loyal to one another. If you still don’t buy that cats and dogs can be friends, I encourage you to check out the story below.

This story is about a grandma, Coco, and Jasper. When grandma had to relocate for her job a few hours away from home, she decided to take Coco with her because the pup would need more attention. You see, Coco is blind. Grandma also has a cat, Jasper, who is fond of Coco. But when she has to move away, only Coco gets to go along while Jasper is left behind at home.

You know that the kitten and the canine share a special bond with each other because, since the day Coco moved away, Jasper would wait by the back door in hopes that his canine friend would come and visit him. Jasper was like Coco’s shadow, and since Coco is blind, he would guide the pup in the right direction too.

Given their unique bond, their owner decided that it would be nice to record the two reunite after this significant time away from one another, and boy, are we glad that she did!

Jasper is ecstatic to see Coco again and can’t help but follow the pup around the room the moment he walks in.

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