Man Bothers A Giant Tortoise. So When The Slowest Chase Ensues, The Internet Is In Stitches.


While conducting a Pristine Seas expedition on Assumption Island, leader Paul Rose heard something in the bushes. He’s pretty sure that he knows what the sound is, but decides to take a closer look and confirm his suspicions. A cameraman captured everything as Rose approached two giant tortoises who were mating. His approach ruined the moment for the pair.

“They’ve stopped mating. I’m not sure if its because we’ve got close or because they’ve just finished, but either way it’s a wonderful thing to experience,” he narrated.

“Two beautiful tortoises mating right under the bush. There’s nothing else going on. No sound on this island at all. So it was the sound of their mating that alerted us to walk 200 yards.”

While he’s clearly in awe of these amazing creatures, it quickly becomes obvious that he has angered the male tortoise. Recognizing the human intruders are nearby, the tortoise wants to guard his territory and show them who’s boss. The huge animal begins to “charge.” Except, even though he’s big, he just a turtle and he’s not very fast. He gives his best effort, anyway.

“This is what you call dogged tortoise determination,” says Rose. “He hasn’t seen my finishing sprint yet! You can’t blame him. He’s over there in the bushes mating on this beautiful quiet island, and I jumped up to take a look. Who can blame him?”

While he’s not fast, the turtle could be quite dangerous if he was able to reach any of the humans. Determined to get a good shot, the cameraman held his ground, refusing to move. The turtle was able to get close enough to make him very nervous.

The amazing creature kept up his pursuit as he made sure that the people eventually left him alone.

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