Chihuahua Has An Adorable Cheshire Grin That Helps Him Find His Forever Home


Against my better judgment, I recently adopted another dog. If I step back and take a look at things, it is clear that my small home may not have enough space, though living on a farm means there is plenty of room to play outside, safely. Adding a third dog means that my other two dogs have to adjust to sharing their space, their toys, and my attention. Because I believe in ‘adopt don’t shop,’ the new addition will have a fairly unknown history and could be unpredictable.

In spite of all that, when a little dog’s face showed up on the social media page of my local shelter, I couldn’t resist. He’s older and was found as a stray. He came from Miami, Florida and was shipped north when they emptied their shelters to make room for hurricane dogs. He’s small, frightened, and has intense separation anxiety. He’s lovely, and I love him. Even my two other dogs are happy to have him around.

There will probably always be more dogs than there are good homes, but lots of people are doing everything they can to provide loving, safe homes for as many dogs as possible. Shelters like the City of Waller Animal Shelter use the power of social media to reach out to potential adopters.

When Cheech, an adorable Chihuahua, came into their shelter, they posted his picture on Facebook and were surprised at the response. They were overwhelmed with adoption applications for the little dog with the very big grin. His expression is impossible to resist!

Fortunately, he found his ‘furever’ home with a woman named Carrie. Days before she saw Cheech’s photo, she lost one of her dogs to cancer. Her other dog was depressed, but when he met Cheech, he found a new best friend.

Watch Cheech in the video below and please like and share if you’re happy with this new family!