Boost Your Internet Connection Speed By 3 Times With This Simple Trick


The Internet is always termed as a big revolution in human life. It brought the world near to us. You can talk with anyone in the world using just a mouse click with a use of the internet. We all need internet for daily communication, research work, office work and entertainment.

The low speed and weak internet connection is kind of frustrating as well as costly.  As we are surrounded by many devices which run on internet connection it is important to have a good speed internet at work and home.

We often use a simple trick to increase the speed of the internet. This simple trick is ‘reset’! Yes, that’s what we do. We just turn our router for some time and restart it. We login to the internet connection from our computer after the reset and do find that the internet is working faster. But unfortunately, this trick does not work all the time.

So, if you want a fast internet connection so that you can chat or watch a video without interruption then here are some simple steps you should follow.

  1. Where not to keep the router?

You might feel that you can place a router in any corner of your room. But it is a wrong approach. You should not place your router next to refrigerators, microwaves or metal objects. These objects can weaken and slow down the signal.

Also, don’t keep router near your cell phone, laptop or computer as well.

  1. Where you should keep the router?
  2. Your modem or router should be placed at a higher level. Let’s say keep it 2-3 meters high. Keep it clean and make sure that dust does not go inside. The dust particles are also responsible for slower internet connection.Clean the modem at least twice a week. Don’t keep the router where too many people are seating or keep roaming around. As human body consist of 60% of the water, it can interfere with the signal. It is scientifically proven that Wi-Fi networks become slower at the places where plenty of water is around.

    1. Get a micro- filter

    Micro filters are important to keep a fast speed of your internet. Make sure that you have new micro filters. Replace the micro filters at least twice a year.

    So, there you go. Follow these simple tricks and your internet connection will be 3 times faster. Share this information with your friends and family members who are struggling with a low-speed internet. Enjoy the full speed internet connection without interruption.