Bird Opens It’s Mouth, Cats Have Priceless Reaction When They Realize It Sounds Like Them


This is hilarious!

Chickens cluck, cows moo and birds tweet – that’s something we were taught as children, right? Well, perhaps our parents and our teachers didn’t know “everything,” like we always thought!
In this comical clip, a pet parrot decides to join his fellow feline friends in a bit of conversation, and boy does he cause some kitty confusion! As three house cats lounge around on the bed, the parrot decides to make himself part of their group – and part of their conversation, too!

The cats stare at him and he stares right back at them. As the parrot opens his beak to speak, he lets out a quiet….meow!
The cats are frozen in confusion as their feathered friend meows a few more times. This brilliant bird has certainly been doing his homework because if you weren’t watching the video you’d swear a cat was making those sounds!

And then, as one of the cats attempts to move towards her new found friend, the parrot reveals that he’s also capable of mimicking snakes – as he hisses at her to step back. This parrot is quite the con artist…

These three kittens have not lost their mittens, they’ve lost their confidence as this puffed-up parrot quickly puts them in their place! In a moment of fear (which the cats are clearly experiencing), our bodies go into “fight or flight” mode.

When someone (or something) is threatening us, we either stand up for ourselves and go to battle, or we make the decision to run for the hills! What will these frightened felines do?
Their response is classic! You have to catch these unlikely group in action.

Watch this hilarious “feathers versus fur” video to learn the outcome of this adorable animal interaction. This parrot has these cats completely freaked out.