Andrea Bocelli And Sarah Brightman Give The Audience Goosebumps With ‘Time To Say Goodbye’


I’m not going to say that I listen to music often; I will turn on the radio if I’m on a long commute, but that’s about all the music I’ll indulge in throughout the day. But I can tell you that I know a good song when I hear one. That can be because I’ve always been introduced to some amazing singers, modern-day and those from the past alike, and I have developed an appreciation for the classics.

For someone who doesn’t listen to too much music, a good song can go a long way and I feel that the one shared below has to be one of those tunes.

Everyone loves Andrea Bocelli—his voice is unmatched and he is a magician when it comes to his live performances; people will do anything to see this veteran singer perform live. Although he is a fantastic singer on his own, it’s always a nice surprise to see him partner up with other industry professionals and sing a duet.

We all know everyone’s favorite duet, ‘The Prayer’ that he sang with Celine Dion. So we’re not new to Andrea’s collaborations with other artists. So the duet in the video below won’t come as a surprise.

Andrea came together with Sarah Brightman to serenade their fans with ‘Time To Say Goodbye.’ For everyone who doesn’t know, Sarah has had a successful career as an actress but has been more popular as a classical crossover soprano, singer, and musician.

Given the background of the two, you can only imagine the magic they create on stage for this duet.

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