Vet Left Heartbroken When She Comes Across And Opens A Duct-Taped Bin At Animal Shelter


This is just sad…

Jennifer Patterson was understandably irritated when she opened up a box only to find 10 puppies inside. I am not sure my initial reaction would have been as controlled as “Oh my gosh!” Patterson a Registered Veterinary Technician, from Patterson Animal Hospital, was actually furious when she opened to the tub that was taped shut with duct tape.

Since the video was aired and posted, all of the puppies have found good homes. Jennifer wanted to share the video to show people what animal clinics deal with. Jennifer urges people to reach out and ask questions. Vet clinics can give you resources and options, dumping the problem one their doorstep isn’t fair.

Take a look at this video

All animals deserve respect and a chance at life. Jennifer also added that not all situations like this have such a happy ending. Luckily all the puppies, in this case, were healthy and now have loving homes.

Share away, people.