The Pink Whale Challenge proves that there’s still hope in the world


The internet was recently rocked by the news of deaths from the infamous and gruesome Blue Whale Challenge. However, it seems as though there’s a much better alternative challenge now making the rounds. Started by a publicist and graphic designer, the Pink Whale Challenge is aimed primarily at teenagers but is open to participation by everyone. A statement on the official website of the challenge,, reads: “The goal is to prove that the internet can also be used to spread love, that’s why the Pink Whale was born.”

The pink whale challenge is now making the rounds (Source: Twitter)

The idea, coined Baleia Rosa (Pink Whale in Portuguese), took roots in Brazil and the Facebook and Instagram pages and Instagram pages where the tasks are set out already have over 340,000 followers. It also has a set of 107 daily tasks already set out for its participants.

The challenge ‘encourages positive and generous acts and attempts to bring happiness to the participant’s daily life,’ and is polar opposite in nature to its more harmful counterpart. It doesn’t encourage self-harm and the tasks that the participant has to perform each day include the likes of writing how you would help someone who’s being bullied, smiling at each person that passes you for an entire day, posting on social media pages with the lines ‘I am beautiful’, and many more wholesome ones.

The challenge aims at improving the self-worth of teenagers (Source: Facebook)

There is no proof required from the participants’ end of having completed the task and works on a feel-good basis. However, there is an incentive of sharing photographs of task completion, as they put it up on their website in a section called ‘Whale Puppies,’ which is as adorable as it sounds.

The game aims at teaching teenagers and youngsters the importance of loving themselves and has received favorable responses from the authorities, with the project is now being aided by the Government of Sao Paolo in Brazil.

You can access the challenge via their website directly (Source:

To those interested in the wholesome challenge, it can be accessed via their free smartphone application on both Android and iOs devices, with content being available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You can also access their Facebookpage or Instagram page for more details.