So emotional! People saw a 61 year-old man was alone on his birthday and they decided to make a company for him!


Very touching… Happy birthday Grandpa! ish you more birthdays to come and more blessing and good health!

It is a story of a true human kindness. One day, a middle-aged man was waiting for his guests to show up at the restaurant to celebrate his birthday. There were a fully served table, lots of party decorations, and even a big birthday cake.

But as the time was passing, it became obvious that no one was coming to this party. The man tried to call his family members, but no one picked the phone. So, he just sat in a middle of a restaurant in front of an empty table with a big cake on it.

A 61-year-old man went to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday with his family.
At least that’s what he thought he’d be doing. He arrived early and arranged everything. He made sure there were enough seats and plates, placed the cake on the table, even added some decorations and party hats.

Then he sat down and waited — and waited, and waited. But no one showed up.
The other guests in the restaurant began to wonder what was going on. Time passed. But the 61-year-old man, Eduviges Villatoro, continued to sit alone in his chair. Not a single family member showed up to join him.

The man was so desperate that he stood up and addressed people who were dining there. He said that it was his birthday, and while he wanted nothing more than to celebrate it with his family, no one came. Then, the man did something risky and unexpected―he asked other diners if anyone would like to join him to celebrate his special day.

Even though no one in the room knew the hero of the occasion, they all joined the spontaneous party without any hesitation. Lots of people came to the man to give him a hug and say a few kind words, and some of the diners even moved their tables closer. It was amazing!

But wait, there was something more. It turned out that Eduviges Villatoro, it is the man’s name, wasn’t stood up by his family. In fact, he took part in a social experiment that took place in one of the local restaurants in Veracruz, Mexico.

The main goal of this experiment was to study people’s reaction to the events of such kind. And as we can clearly see, there are still lots of kind people who are ready and willing to help a stranger in any situation.


What do you think about this experiment? If you were there at the moment, would you join the celebration and sing “Happy Birthday” to a stranger? Share your thoughts with us and leave a comment below.

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