Owners put their kitty in the bath! Awesome video!


Poor little kitty! I haven’t seen such a brave cat! He is like a BIG tiger! I wish my cat loved swimmin with me in the bath!)))

The big cats saying «There’s one born everyday»! Seriously, its good to see this kitty getting used to the water from a young age!

Enix isn’t your ordinary cat. You see, he has a fondness for bathtime that many cats would find repulsive. Lucky for us, Enix has a reaction to water that will melt your heart into a puddle! Look at how much fun he’s having, splashing around!

In most households that have a cat, there’s a simple solution for making sure Miss Kitty stays away from places where she doesn’t belong: keep a spray bottle full of water handy. A quick little spritz is usually all it takes to discourage her from pouncing on the counter or shedding all over the brand-new sofa.

We just can’t get enough of the precious things our furry friends do. Take a minute to watch this video and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! This is the incredible moment a cat screamed ‘no more’ at its owner while looking very wet and miserable in the bath.

The footage, which is believed to have been recorded in North America, was posted to YouTube by user David Savage, and has been viewed over one million times. In the clip the cat looks very depressed while sitting inside a large metal sink – her head faces downwards and her fur is all wet and soapy.

She makes a whiny sound and her owner responds by saying ‘no more?’ to which the cat replies with another depressed noise. Suddenly, and rather remarkably, the cat mimics her owner and articulates the words ‘no more’.

She repeats the statement a few more times until the video maker eventually responds to it by saying ‘we’re almost done’. The man then says ‘just a little bit more,’ and the cat immediately replies to him by saying ‘no more’ once again.

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