Little girl breaks down in tears because she realizes she’s getting a baby brother!


That was an early lesson in expectations! I thought this was very cute until I realized that his is her typical behavior she has adapted to, in order to earn blue sweeties!)

A little girl was not too happy with the fact that she was getting a baby brother and not the baby sister she wanted. Daisy Martin was very excited to find out the gender of her unborn sibling.

Her mother, Siobhan O’Brien, passed her a card that would tell her if she was getting a little brother or sister. In the video that has quickly gone viral online, her mother can be heard telling her that if she opened the card and it was blue inside, then the baby is a boy, if it was pink, it’s a girl.

“I wanted it to be a girl!” she cried when she opened the card to see that it was blue. She was obviously so distraught at not having the baby sister she wanted. Her mother tried to comfort her by reminding her that a little brother could be really fun, but Daisy was not having it.

When O’Brien was recording this moment, she never expected to get such an intense reaction from Daisy. She told ABC: Our plan was to video her finding out if she was having a little brother or sister, following the 20-week scan last week.

When we had talked about the baby being a boy or a girl, she would say she thought it would be a girl, but we never expected such a strong reaction. Fortunately, it all ended on a happier note. Daisy found the treats attached to the card and seemed to forget her disappointment for the time being as she munched on them.

O’Brien also told ABC, that since the video was recorded, the 3-year-old had not really had any more meltdowns over the matter. She mentioned from time to time that she hoped her mom’s next baby will be a girl, but other than that, all’s well. We guess they would just have to wait until February 2018 when the baby is due to arrive, to see how Daisy will handle meeting her little brother.

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