He escaped death but lost his hands! Today he is a successful artist and has created over 300 artworks!


This man without hands will show you his amazing masterpiece — speed paintingwith dance, comedy, unique moves! He is a super artist!

OM! I have never seen something like this! It is unbelievable! But look at the photos – you will be impressed! This man is incredible! You have to see this! You won’t regret! He escaped death but lost his hands! Today a successful artist, he has created over 300 artworks! Read his full story – you will be amazed. How is this possible? Look at the photos! What a talent!

Dhaval Khatri, hailing from Ahmedabad, was flying kite at his relative’s place when he caught hold of an electric wire instead of the kite thread. ‘I got a huge electric shock and fell down on the road from the terrace and as a result, my heart stopped beating for few seconds,’ he said to Humans Of Amdavad recalling that eventful day which changed his life.

Fortunately, a doctor was passing by who gave him emergency CPR, this brought him back to life but his badly burnt hands had to be amputated.The school he studied in, kicked him out saying that education was of no use to him anymore. But Dhaval’s dedication didn’t falter. He enrolled in another school and also completed his graduation. He wrote all his exams on his own and even learned to play the guitar.

During his days at the hospital, his mother would make him practice holding a pencil. Soon he started to sketch and then it grew into painting. He applied to different universities for painting courses but rejection came blocking all his doors again.

With no help or guidance from anyone, Dhaval became a self-taught artist who, today, gets orders from all over the world. He has done over 300 paintings till now and performs at live shows throughout the country.

What he says about himself: » “Mat kar yakeen apne haatho ki lakeero par….. Naseeb unke bhi hote hai jinke haath nahi hote.!!!”


Hi! I am Dhaval Jyotsnaben Kaushikbhai Khatri. I am passionate about my Art. On this website, you can find some unique arts that I have created during my life as Artist. This is unique because I am not Artist by choice but by chance. At the age of 14, an electric shock took my both hands away.

Since then I was not even interested in Art. But there were two people who took it other way, My Mom and My Dad. When they were expected to put aid tools they put Paint Brush on my hand. And today that has created a Unique Artist out of an ordinary boy.


Please visit my gallery for more arts and do not forget to provide your feedback by feeling the contact form.» His realistic portraits are mesmerising! Here are a few of his masterpieces!

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