First date: Woman astonishes men by arriving in a wedding dress


First dates always make people a bit nervous, as they don’t know what to expect from their dates, especially if they meet them for the first time.

There are lots of pranks in the Internet made on dates and in most cases they are men who like to prank women. Some people pretend to have prison or mental clinic experience. Some may pretend to be really greedy. Men like to make the vision they don’t have money with them.

This prank is for women. What are men afraid of? What is the topic they avoid talking about? That’s right! Wedding!

Laura Bubble is a comedian with a few tricks up her sleeves. In this video, she is attempting to prank a few first dates by arriving in a wedding gown she bought on Ebay.

It is hilarious to see the men’s reactions as each one sees her and is shocked. One guy immediately turns around and makes a hasty retreat while a couple of them stick around.

Laura wanted to perform this social prank to see how men would react if a woman seemed a little too eager to marry. You will laugh out loud as you see each man’s reaction and how he handles seeing his date standing there in a bridal gown, holding a bouquet of flowers.

This woman wanted the men to know she was ready to make it permanent and most of them could not handle it!

In the video she explained that she has arranged several dates using an app and has planned to wear her extravagant dress to all of them.

Laura is also keen to point out she is doing so for a good cause adding: «This year’s theme for Stand Up to Cancer is rebellion.»

«So with the help of a dating app a secret microphone and some creepy phrases I’m going on first dates in a wedding dress.»

It’s fair to say that the overwhelming reaction to the dress, complete with veil and bouquet, is not a positive one.

On her first date with a man called Connor Laura cheerfully introduces herself — and her date promptly freaks out.

He says: «What?! Why are you wearing a wedding dress?»

At this point Laura calmly announces that she is simply dressing for the occasion but Connor tells her he thinks he will give their date a miss.

Her next meet-up with a man called Rhys is slightly more successful and although he looks panicked at first he sits down and joins her for tea.

However, he seems less at ease as Laura begins to share her hopes for their future with him.

She says: «So I was thinking I should add you on Facebook and then we can make it, like, official.»

Trying to be polite a worried looking Rhys replies: «Do you think it’s a little bit soon? It’s a first date. We just met really.»

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