11 cool travel hacks that are sure to get you more than your money’s worth!


Whether you’re a lover of luxury traveling or a backpacker by heart, everyone loves to get their money’s worth while traveling. But very few know about the tried and tested tricks that will help you score the best deals out there.

Here’s a cheat sheet for you to bookmark that will come in handy the next time you are hatching a travel plan because every penny saved is a penny earned. Right?

#11 Carry hotel-toiletries back with you

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

It isn’t cheap at all if you do since hotel toiletries are about 3.4 oz. and they meet TSA (Transportation Security Administration) carry-on baggage rule for liquids.

#10 Want free Wifi for longer duration? We got you covered

Wi-Fi outside airline clubs often goes beyond the door, giving you free access.

Ever wondered how to increase the internet time when in the airport? Just before your session expires, change the time on your device to reflect an hour earlier.

PS: Don’t forget to check the right time on your phone/wristwatch or you might end up missing your flight.

#9 Don’t forget to clear your cookie history before booking a flight

According to statistics, even Wednesday is a good day to book your flight.

Try booking a flight on Tuesday post-midnight or late afternoon — six weeks before the date of your flight, to get the cheapest flight tickets. Also, clear your history and caches before you start searching for a flight ticket. It will be advisable if you use go incognito to book your flight tickets because airline databases use your search history to determine the price from your location.

#8 Swipe any card to get in-flight entertainment for free.

Most likely you will succeed with this trick.

It’s said that you can swipe anything with a magnetic strip, and then enjoy the show, as an airplane lacks any sort of connection to verify your purchase. But this tactic won’t be worth it if the flight has in-flight wifi.

#7 Carry a dummy wallet

Also carry pictures of your important documents than photocopies to prevent yourself from being stranded without papers.

In order to prevent getting mugged while traveling, keep a dummy wallet outside with old bank cards and the real wallet secured somewhere safe. Better safe than sorry.

#6 Mark your bag as ‘Fragile’

If you tag your bag as ‘fragile’, extra attention and care will be given to your bag and it will reach the destination safe and sound. One less thing to worry about, right?

#5 Book rooms directly through the hotel

Try and get the manager’s or any other staff member’s number instead of the customer care.

It is advisable if you call up your preferred hotel choice and try to score a deal for your room. The hotel’s on-site staff can offer you discounts or offer you deals depending on vacancies which they need to fill up asap. It will help if you quote other hotel prices to amp up your negotiation skills and get a much better deal.

#4 Get early check-in

Instead of saying you need an early check-in, say you need to ‘pre-register’. Mastering the jargon of the industry can help you save the money and time in many cases.

Here’s the sitch: Even if you’re booked into a room for 3pm, you can get access at 10am, because when you’re there in person, it’s unlikely they’ll deny you access to a room they’ve already booked for you.

#3 Book your return flight ‘from’ the destination

Use a VPN broswer to change your location while booking a flight

If you’re heading somewhere with a relatively lower standard of living, the cost to fly is often cheaper if you book tickets from that location. Let’s say it’s Jamaica — start by using the domain for the regional website. It also helps to have a Jamaican IP address, which is easy enough to fake with free online proxies. Follow these steps, and you save hundreds of dollars.

#2 Don’t waste time at security. Pick the checkpoint farthest to the left

Flight check-ins take a hell lotta time. Do yourself a favor and find the one to the farthest left.

Lines to the left tend to be shorter. Studies show most people are right-handed and are more apt to head right in security lines. Do the opposite and get through security faster. Psychology hack to the rescue? Hell yeah!

#1 Pamper your feet with an on-the-go massage on a flight

‘Practise maketh the man perfect’ or they say. Try the trick before you take your flight.

Take off your shoes and roll one golf ball under each foot for an epic massage. Make sure you got enough practice to master the move or else the golf balls will be rolling around underneath seats.

Have you got any other hacks that we haven’t mentioned here? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below and share the wisdom with all.