11 Adorable panda cubs make chaos while keepers struggle to line them up


They are incredibly sweet, cute and clumsy in a funny way. To my mind, pandas are the cutest animals ever, because they always know how to make people smile. In fact, they don’t even need to strive to achieve this. It is enough to take one look at them, how they move and play and you will be filled with joy.

Most people, especially children, like when breeding centers open their doors to visitors on the occasion of the debut of baby pandas.

This video of cute fluffy cubs made my day, as they look so sweet and magically give the feeling of happiness.

A cuddly ensemble of giant panda cubs made their first appearance today at a breeding centre in Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding research base in south-west China.

According to the People’s Daily, the 11 naughty giant panda cubs met the public for the first time today and certainly created mayhem.

The tiny black-and-white bears, all less than a year old, appeared to be more interested in playing than queuing up in line waiting to be fed.

A total of 11 giant panda cubs were successfully born this year at the panda base, among them three sets of twins were included.

Up to now, the Panda Base has established an existing figure of 184 giant panda breeding population in the world.

According to the research centre, today the absolute growth rate of the base breeding population is as high as 200 per cent (2013-2016).

Six facts you didn’t know about giant pandas:

1. It’s estimated that there are around 1,600 Giant Pandas in the wild. There are 300 in zoos and breeding centres around the world.

2. It’s unsure how long Giant Pandas live in the wild. However Chinese scientists reported zoo pandas as old as 35.

3. A wild panda’s diet is 99 percent bamboo while the remaining one percent is usually small rodents.

4. Giant Pandas need to consume around 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo each day to get the nutrients they need.

5. On all four legs, Giant Pandas stand at around three to four feet tall.

6. Cubs do not open their eyes until they are six to eight weeks of age and are not mobile until three months.

Watch some more adorable panda cubs making public debut in China.