Simple Trick to Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds


You definitely need to try this!

The rupture of the skin upper layer or a small injury can lead to bleeding. It is important to stop the bleeding in order to prevent the blood loss. Some people suffer from homophobia which means they have a fear of blood. In such case, you should be able to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

Here is a trick which stops the bleeding in just 10 seconds. Let’s understand in detail about blood clot and how to stop bleeding using a simple trick.

How Blood Clots After Injury?

Human blood consists of three important components platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. The platelets are the compounds which are involved in the clotting process. It is a disc shaped compound which get a signal from the chemical released in the body and thus rush towards the injury site.

Sometimes if the injury is quite deep or the wound is big, then it takes time to clot the blood through the natural method. Here is the situation where you need a quick trick to stop the bleeding without any side effect or chances of infection. So, let’s move to your kitchen to solve this issue with an excellent home remedy.

A Smart Method to Stop Bleeding

In a short round to the kitchen, you will be easily able to locate cayenne pepper. This is a secret ingredient which stops the bleeding in no time.

It is also a very useful ingredient to treat health issues like heartburn, fungal infection, flu, common cold and joint pain. In the case of swelling, toothaches or obesity, cayenne pepper is a perfect solution. It also has a special ability to stop the spread of cancer in the body.

As many people have fear from te sight of blood and it is not a sight one can enjoy where blood is flowing down from the body. It is very much useful to apply cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding instant. Here is how you can apply cayenne pepper for blood clotting

  1. Clean the wound with cotton and let it remain open for 20 seconds.
  2. Take 1-2 tsp of cayenne pepper and sprinkle it randomly on the injury.
  3. Let it settle down on the injury and you will see the bleeding flow is reduced in just 10 seconds.
  4. Again clean the wound with cotton and now you are free to apply the medicine to query the injury.

The sprinkling of cayenne pepper not only stops the bleeding but also supports the quick healing process. Once the bleeding is prevented then you will get plenty of time to get a first aid or rather a proper medical treatment to cure the injury. In order to take advantage of other medicinal properties of cayenne pepper, use the ingredient while cooking the daily meal to remain healthy all the time.