Police officer pulls man over-when he looks in the backseat, his heart dropped


It’s not everyday you hear of an officer doing something so nice, and going above and beyond the line of duty.

Not too long ago, LaVonte Dell was pulled over in Westland because of the illegal tint of his windows. Not a huge deal by any means. The police officer told him all he had to do was simply get it removed. But when the cop got a closer look into the back seat, he saw something that made his heart drop.

“I asked him, ‘why is she back there without a car seat?’” said Officer Joshua Scaglione. He continued to tell him that it wasn’t safe for the 3 year old girl to be in a regular seat.

“He teared up a little bit and told me he was going through some tough times,” said Scaglione.

The cop proceeded to ask him to get out of the car, and Dell was expecting the worst. But instead of giving him handcuffs and arresting Dell, he decided to help him out.

“I related to the fact that I’ve been in that situation before. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to help him,” said Scaglione.

Instead of giving him a ticket, Scaglione told Dell to follow him to the nearby Walmart, and it was there, that Scaglione bought a car seat for Dell’s daughter.

“You would have thought we were best friends. No awkward silence. I learned about him. He learned about him. He learned about me,” commented Dell.


The cop was able to tell that Dell was a hardworking man, who only wanted the best for his family. Scaglione didn’t want to make things worse by just giving him a ticket without even doing anything to help, and make things worse.

We are so thankful that Scaglione did this for Dell and his daughter. He has proven that police officers are here to HELP, they are not here to just give tickets and arrest you, and send you on your way.

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