Heartwarming Photos Show Little Boy Comforting His Sister At Hospital


Photos of a little boy in China comforting his older sister at the hospital are touching hearts around the world. 

The pictures were uploaded onto the Facebook page, China Daily and they show 7-year-old Zhao Wenan consoling his sister. “Dear sister, don’t cry, I will always be there for you,” the boy said. These 11 words, along with the pictures of the siblings left people in tears. 


It seems that when Zhao’s sister was in the hospital, someone took the pictures, which wound up online. Reports revealed that the little girl had a lacerated kidney, a condition where the kidney has either an injury, break, or tear. 

The condition is believed to be the result of forceful or direct blows, and according to Medicine Net, a lacerated kidney needs around six weeks to heal. If the laceration is minor, it may heal faster. However, if the laceration is deep, the patient needs to undergo surgery. 


While the health of this young girl is unknown, with the support of her little brother, she can probably overcome anything. These photos remind us of pictures from recent months where a little boy consoled his exhausted mom on the subway. 

All of the photos show that children have a greater capacity for empathy than we may have thought.


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