10 Facts That You Need To Know About Bananas!


It is the most nutritious fruit and should be in your regular diet. Apples are often referred as best fruit to consume, but bananas are far more beneficial then apples.It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which boost our immune system.

If you consume banana every day then you can get rid of health issues such as depression, kidney cancer, blindness, diabetes, osteoporosis and morning sickness.

Here are top facts about bananas which you must know:

If you want to get rid of constipation and indigestion then banana is the best option for you. It regulates your bowel movements and improves the digestion due to a high content of dietary fiber. It is ideal fruit for diabetic patients as it helps to regulate blood sugar level.

It strengthens the bones, prevents calcium deficiency, improves the mineral absorption in the body and makes your teeth stronger. It has a special impact on your brain due to the content of potassium in it. It improves the brain functionality, cognitive and reasoning ability.

As it encourages the calcium absorption in the body it helps to prevent kidney stone and kidney cancer. It improves the quality of blood due to the high content of iron and thus fights off anemia naturally.

It is an energy booster. You can consume 1 or 2 bananas before exercising to get enough stamina for your workout.

It protects you from heart troubles as it contains low sodium and high amount of potassium. If you want to fight depression naturally then start eating bananas. It consists of tryptophan which transforms to serotonin in our body; this compound is responsible for our mood swings and thus makes us feel better.

Intake of banana is also useful to get rid of morning sickness, vomiting and nausea.

So, now you know unusual benefits of bananas. Start eating 1 banana every day and you will find positive change in your health condition.