10 “Backwoods” Folk Remedies That Have Survived The Test Of Time


There are tons of natural remedies for just about everything that ails you in the world of home remedies. These cures have been used for thousands of years and for good reason. Today we will present you 10 of the oldest and most effective ones:

1.”Pull Out” A Bee Sting By Using A Damp Tea

You can reduce swelling around a bee sting by using the tannins in tea leaves. You should simply place the tea bag over the affected part of the body and let it stay there until the swelling goes down. The stinger will slide out easily once it does.

2.Cure The Common Cold With Chicken Soup

The presence of proteins and fat in chicken broth provide much needed calories to counter the loss of appetite that is really often during this period. The broth also removes the toxins from the body, regulates the temperature, thins out the mucus to relieve congestion and hydrates the body.

3.Heal Burns With Cold Milk

Soak the affected part of the body in cold milk for an instant relief. It will cool away the pain and the proteins and fat in the milk will nourish the skin and accelerate the process of healing.

Depending of the burned body, you can soak a clean cloth in milk or you can fit into a container of cold milk.

4.Relive Constipation By Using Castor Oil

This oil is one of the oldest and most effective remedies in the household. Relieving constipation is one of its most famous properties. It actually stimulates contractions through large and small intestines which move impacted stool.

1-2 tsp is the recommended dose for children and 1-2 tbsp is the dose for adults.

5.Treat Aches & Pains With Willow Bark Tea

This natural cure dates from the ancient times. Due to the presence of salicin – similar compound to the active ingredients in aspirin – willow bark tea is excellent for menstrual cramps to arthritis and tendonitis and headaches.

It is also rich in flavanoids, polyphenols and antioxidants which provide additional beneficial effects to the human body.

6.Soothe Itchy Rashes By Relaxing In An Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is full of nutrients which reduce inflammation and promote healing. Soak in lukewarm or warm bath with colloidal oatmeal in order to treat rashes, sunburn, ant bites, poison ivy, chicken pox or eczema.

Note – Do Not run the water too hot.

7.Dissolve Warts By Using Milkweed Sap

This sap effectively dries up dissolves warts when applied to warts. We advise you to perform an allergy test before using because milkweed contains latex.

8.Sooothe Your Sore Throat With a Hot Toddy

This powerful natural remedy is consisted of a shot of whisky or bourbon and 4 ounces of tea or hot water.

Due to the strong healing properties of honey and lemon, hot toddy sore throat is an extremely powerful cure for sore throat.

The alcohol acts as anti-bacterial agent in the throat and eliminates bacteria that cause inflammation and pain.

9.Cure Sick Stomach With Ginger Ale

By stimulating the muscles responsible for moving materials down through your gastrointestinal tract and inhibiting the nervous signals which induce vomiting, ginger effectively relieves nausea.

Premium ginger ales is absolutely the best choice for you because most commercial ginger products do not contain real ginger.

10.Close Up and Heal Wounds Using a Spider Webs

Due to the presence of vitamins and proteins, spider webs significantly accelerate both wound healing and blood-clotting.

This natural remedy can be a real life saver in many unpleasant situations.