Warning signs that indicate stroke – never ignore them


Stroke is a term for a brain attack as a result of improper blood flow in the brain. As to statistics, this is the 1 of top 5 reasons for death in USA. This is similar everywhere in the world not just USA. These strokes, when survived leave permanent handicaps in adult people.

Those that experienced this also had hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke too. The second is caused by blocked and tight canals of the brain and due to that the blood flow to the brain is irregular. The hemorrhagic stroke is rare and made by aneurysm vessels in the brain.

If you educate yourself more on this topic, you can protect yourself or a loved one from stroke problems. If you notice something of this article, immediately ask for help. To prevent problems like this, recognize in time and ask help fast!

Every brain stroke is with mildly different signs with every person separately. But, all strokes are the same in one thing – they are unexpected.

Let’s see the obvious signs:

  • Hard time talking or talking properly
  • Hard time walking and having no control of movements
  • Numb face and limbs, usually on one side

Other symptoms of stroke are:

  • Sight problems in one or both eye
  • Complete paralysis
  • Sudden depression

Now, the next thing is the acronym FAST to explain further each step.

  • Face: see the whole face. Is your smile crooking? Is it saggy?
  • Arms- lift the arms or try. Do they fall down?
  • Speech: just say anything a few times. Can you properly?
  • Time: ask help ASAP!

These symptoms occur fast and quickly. Never wait to get better, ask help right away.

Do not drive to the hospital. Its better to be picked up by professionals. The experts will even start helping you on the way.

Sometimes, these signs go away fast but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help anymore. These are known as sudden episodes TIAs or transient ischemic assaults and they accelerate the chance of the real stroke.

A lot of people never differentiate between stroke and migraine; sometimes they can confuse you. Stroke is all out of a sudden, and migraine develops with time spans.

Migraine signs are often useful to know since they increase every stimuli. Migraine people see some patterns, like zigzag or flash colors/lights. The TIAs begin with discomfort and less vision, hearing and mobility in limbs.

The stroke cases can happen in almost all ages, but there are some target groups of course.

These are the target groups, those with:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Smokers
  • 55 or older
  • Heart issues, atrial fibrillation and blood problems
  • Genetics
  • Aesthetic injuries
  • Migraines

So to prevent strokes and recognize them, remember this. Start changing the diet and unhealthy habits. Eat fruits, veggies, drink water, quit smoking and workout.