Can You Correctly Count The Number Of Triangles In This Photo? (See Answer)


How many triangles?

Here is your brain teaser for the day. It seems like a pretty straight forward question – and it is likely that you have seen similar puzzles pop up on your Facebook page. Look at the picture and count the triangles. That is it – how many triangles are there? Would it surprise you to know that most people will answer incorrectly on their first try?


I will admit it, I got it wrong. It isn’t as easy as you think! So, before you scroll down and see the answer, think carefully! Clearly the smaller shapes on the bottom don’t count – the tricky part is the top (and the sides)! This puzzle was originally shared on Quora and had many people scratching their heads. Okay, scroll down to see the answer.


Some people are saying that there are 25 triangles because of the signature, but really, does that count? Share away, people!