Man Discovers His Dog Has A ‘Hidden Talent,’ Then Films Her Playing Jenga With His Wife


Dogs aren’t necessarily the most careful of animals. Often, they can be clumsy or just not seem to know how big they are until their leg has knocked something off of a table! That’s why it was such a surprise when Nate’s little husky and golden retriever mix, a lovely pup named Ellie, proved herself to be an expert at one of the most challenging games in terms of carefulness – Jenga!

Nate and his wife were just playing together when Ellie came around to join them, and she decided to have a go, too. They expected disaster, but to their surprise, Ellie reached over to grab a piece that had been slightly pushed out and ever so carefully used her nose and mouth to gently nudge it out of its place safely.

Take a look at this video


It’s almost as though Ellie knew what the stakes of the game were and how to win at it! Dogs are too smart for this world, really. Share away, people!