Husband Is Floored By Lengths Cat Will Go To To Steal Treats, So He Records To Show His Wife


You gotta see this!

Overfeeding your pet treats is not good – just like sweets and children – moderation is best. However, not all pets (and children agree)! One shining example is this handsome cat named Growler from Luton, England.

Growler can’t get enough of his favorite treat called Dreamies Cat Treats and will go to great lengths to procure some of the delicious goodies for himself! Growler knows the treats are kept in the cupboard and makes a daring attempt to get them out. It is an understatement to say that things didn’t go Growlers way – but, he did put in an excellent effort!

Watch and see the epic (but awesome) fail!


Growler had a firm understanding of the cupboard and how it worked, but he didn’t anticipate the cupboard door having a mind of its own! Paws up if Growler should get a treat! Share away, people!