Toddler Looks 8-Months Pregnant, Then Doctors Tell Mom Something That Breaks Her Heart


Karen Rodas and Paul Rybkin had a baby in 2013 that died when he was just 36-hours old. Their son, Nathanial had a rare disease called PKD, which can cause liver and kidney failure. Paul and Karen are both carriers for PKD, which meant they could pass on the disease to any children they conceived together.

They tried once more to have a baby and soon were expecting a baby girl who they named Maddy. At twenty weeks, the couple learned that Maddy had PKD. When Maddy was born, her abdomen was enlarged to such an extreme amount that she looked pregnant. She needed a kidney transplant when she was 7-months old. Happily, Paul was a perfect match!

Take a look at this beautiful baby

Maddy and family are all doing well! In 25 years, Maddy will need another kidney, but until then, she can live a normal, happy, and healthy life!

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