This Is The Simplest And Fastest Way Of Wrapping A Gift. Totally Genius!


In this holiday season, gift giving is what children really loved the most. But gift wrapping is what most people really hate to do. That’s why there are people will wait in the long line of the gift wrapping section of the mall just to avoid doing it themselves.

Personally, I love doing it though it’s really tiring and time consuming. I challenge myself to make a nice and neat gift wrap, but most of the time I suck. Lol!

But what I didn’t know, there’s a very simple and fast way to wrap a gift and it’s called “Japanese Gift Wrapping”. We know that when it comes to folding paper (Origami) Japan is number one, so it’s really amazing to see that the art can be used for wrapping gifts.

japanese gift wrap

“In this method, the package is placed on a diagonal, and with just a few moves and folds, any box is perfectly wrapped, looking amazing.  And you only need 3 pieces of tape to get this done.” There are a lot of other instructional videos on the internet that you can choose, just search “Japanese gift wrapping” on YouTube. Watch this video and try doing it too!