This Girl Curiously Recited A Ritual From A Horror Book, Now An Evil Spirit Began Following Her Around


Since it’s Halloween, the ‘3 Doors of Horrors‘, the same trilogy that frightened us with its short film ‘Delete‘ has made its comeback with its 3rd edition of new spine-chilling short films.

Titled ‘1, 2, 3‘, this Malaysian horror short film is based on a kiddie game known as Red Light, Green Light. In this game, one person plays the ‘stop light’ and the rest will try to touch him/her from behind. When the stop light says “Green Light” the players are allowed to move towards the stoplight. But at any point, the stop light may say “red light” and turn around, everyone must immediately stop then. If any of the players are caught moving, they are out. The stop light wins if all the players are out before anyone is able to touch him/her. If anyone managed to touch the stop light, he/she loses the game.

The story started with a schoolgirl named Mako who accidentally conjured an evil spirit when she curiously recited a ritual that was supposed to be an urban legend.
Unfortunately, she was trapped in a tag game with the supernatural when the evil spirit began following her around.

ghost 1

Desperate to find a way out, she sought help from Hui Ting, the author of the horror book in which the ritual was written… only to drag her into the same hellish nightmare of the unknown.


The game ends if the spirit manages to touch them, but will they get rid of the ghost before it ‘tags’ either one of them? Find out below:

This thrilling short film is written and directed by Zeacth Liew and produced by Malaysian director James Lee’s production company, Doghouse 73 Pictures.