Girl Plays In Hotel Pool Doesn’t Come Up, Mom Sees What Grabbed Her


Alex and Gareth Morgan took their family to Playa Blanca, Spain for spring break. Their entire vacation was ruined when their six-year-old daughter got her hair stuck in a hotel pool filter! The girl was with her mom swimming in H10 Rubicon Palace resort’s swimming pool when she went under the manmade waterfall. She got sucked into a pool filter and couldn’t get herself free.

She lost several clumps of hair before rescuers could get her out. The little girl, Darcey, was unconscious when she was finally pulled out of the pool and had to be given CPR poolside.

An ambulance took her to Arrecife Hospital.

girl in hotel pool


After a battery of tests, Darcey is expected to recover fully. Alex said in an interview that they don’t want another family to have to experience this and are working to raise awareness – to save someone’s life. The couple is willing to fight this and would appreciate any help on how to take this further.

girl in hotel pool

The hotel has not yet even responded to the incident or offered any explanation. It was a faulty pool filter – someone should admit they were negligent – right? This situation could have been worse, a lot worse.

Hotel staff needs to know how to properly care for their equipment before someone gets killed.

girl in hotel pool

The family’s travel group, First Choice, has started their own investigation into the incident. They have contacted the family and have vowed to make safety a top priority for all their customers.

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