Dog Groomer Who Rough Handled And Abused A Dog Is Guilty Of Animal Cruelty


Karma will get you!

In Williamsburg, Virginia, a pet salon has fallen into a state of notoriety due to an animal abuse controversy – all caught on tape by a former employee. The shop name? The Fuzzy Butt Stops Here. The employee secretly recorded a video of owner and former employer Mironda Henning abusing a dog during its “grooming” session.

It was a white Cockapoo named Gidget – and she was one of the salon’s unfortunate patrons. The video went viral on social media, and caused local authorities to slap Mironda with a $1000 fine for her misdeed. Unfortunately, the salon has remained open ever since.

Check out the video below!

Pet lovers online are now launching a campaign to close the shop for good – she should never be allowed to touch our precious canines ever again.

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